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Whanaungatanga Kohanga Reo Curriculum – Te Whariki

Our curriculum is founded on the following aspirations for tamariki. To grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators; healthy in mind, body, and spirit; secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

Including mokopuna with special needs care and education for mokopuna who have special needs is provided within the diverse range of Te Kohanga Reo. The curriculum assumes that their care and education will be encompassed within the principles, strands, and goals set out for all Mokopuna in Kohanga Reo settings.

The Mokopuna develops knowledge, Maori beliefs and values that invoke feelings of peace, happiness and love. The health and the well-being of the Mokopuna are protected.

Mokopuna and their Whanau experience an environment where they will become familiar with ancestral connections, value and beliefs and will develop a strong sense of belonging, environmental awareness and care.
This will include consideration of both the natural (living) world and the physical (non-living) environment.

The mokopuna develops knowledge, value and respect for and of oneself, whanau, hapu, iwi, and others.

MANA REO The language and symbols of their own and other cultures are promoted and protected.
The mokopuna will develop skills and knowledge of Mana Reo Immersed in Te Reo Maori.

The mokopuna learns through active exploration of the environment .The child will develop knowledge of the natural and physical worlds through traditional and contemporary views.

There are four principles at the centre of Te Kohanga Reo curriculum.

The curriculum empowers the mokopuna to learn and grow.

The curriculum reflects the holistic way mokopuna learn and grow.

The wider world of whanau and community is an integral part of the Early Childhood Curriculum.

Mokopuna learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, and things.



Mana ngā āhuatanga me ngā take o te whanau e whakahaere.
He will enforce whanau proposals and understandings on the operations of Te Kohanga Reo

Our whanau consist of our Tamariki/Mokopuna, Parents/Caregivers and active Kaumatua, other whanau members whom are not actively involved in the day to day operations of our kohanga, but affiliate themselves to this Kohanga Reo are to be referred to as extended whanau

There is to be no less than two kaimahi members on the premises at all times, whanau are not to be left by themselves on the Kohanga premises to care for Mokopuna/Tamariki alone
“they must be accompanied by a kaimahi member at all times.”

Mana e whakahau i te noho haumaru me te noho mātāra ki te ako i Te Reo Maori me ngā Tikanga.
Kei a ia te mana whakahaere i ngā mahi o ia rā me te whakaū i te noho haumaru me te noho ora o ngā Mokopuna/Tamariki, ngā Kaimahi, me ngā Whanau i Te Kohanga Reo nei.

Provide a safe and positive learning environment for Te Reo Maori and Tikanga.
Take leadership in daily routines ensuring health and safety of Mokopuna/Tamariki, Kaimahi and Whānau.

Mā ngā kaiāwhina e hiki i ngā kaupapa o Te Kohanga Reo mā te mahi kua whakaritea e te Kaiako me te whakapuaki hoki.
Support plan and deliver the Curriculum of Te kohanga Reo

Mā ngā Kaimahi e whakatika me te horoi i Te Kohanga Reo kia pai ora o ngā Mokopuna/Tamariki, me ngā Kaimahi o Te Kohanga Reo.
Ensure Te Kohanga Reo is kept clean and tidy for the health and safety of our Mokopuna/Tamariki, Kaimahi and Whanau.

He whakahaere i ngā āhuatanga pūtea o Te Kohanga Reo:
Ngā utu pūmau me ngā utu rerekē
Ngā utu Kaimahi
Ngā utu Pire
Ngā utu Pākihi
Ngā Koha
Ngā Hoko
Me whakamāramahia ngā whakahaeretanga pūtea ki ngā hui whanau.

To ensure all monetary operations are dealt with efficiently and effectively for the following.
Fixed and variable costings
Business related
Details must be presented at whanau hui

Kia Whakahaere i ngā āhuatanga o te tari kia rere pai, kia rere tika.
Kia whai māramatangta te whanau ki ngā whakahaeretanga o Te kohanga Reo.
He āwhina ki te arahi i roto e ngā mahi whakaū i te haumaru me te ora ngā mokopuna/tamariki, me ngā kaimahi.

To ensure the office runs efficiently and effectively.
To ensure operations are understood by the whanau.
Take leadership in daily routines ensuring health and safety of mokopuna/tamariki, kaimahi and whanau.

He āwhina ki te manaki i te whenua me ngā whare o Whanaungatanga Kohanga Reo.
To care for the land and the buildings of Whanaungatanga Kohanga Reo.

He tūtakitaki haere me te korero ki ngā matua o ngā mokopuna/tamariki o Te Kohanga Reo.
He ata titiro me te whakatikatika i ngā tuhinga me ngā pūrongo motuhake o Te Kohanga Reo Charter, Mahere Rautaki, Kawa & Tikanga Tāhūhū Tūranga Kaimahi.

To socialise and keep up the communication Open airwaves with parents/caregivers of mokopuna/tamariki at kohanga Reo.
To review and update special Kohanga Reo documents Charter, strategic Plan, Policies and Procedures, Job Descriptions.

Finn & Partners
486 Alexander Street
P.O.box 17
Te Awamutu
Ph (07) (957-8681, Fax (07) 957-8680,A/H (07) 846-3290/021-846329
Email, finnp@xtra.co.nz

We endeavour to provide the best service possible to all mokpuna/tamariki enrolled
at our Kohanga Reo. Your co-operation is essential. The rārangi ingoa records the
daily attendance and non-attendance of each tamaiti. The rārangi ingoa also records
wheather the Kohanga Reo has been notified of any non-attendance of
mokopuna/tamariki-this information is put at the back of the book.

Parents/caregivers are obliged to mailtain the attendance and absentee registers.
These are to be signed by you the parent/Caregiver, two weeks before the end of the each month.
If your mokopuna/tamariki will not be attending the Kohanga Reo on any particular day, it is the parent/caregivers responsibility to notify the Kohanga Reo kaiwhakahaere as soon as possible.
Either phone call (07)843 2465, 9am -3pm.

Kaimahi or Whanau Kaimahi shall not be interrupted during learning time. Unless an
emergency, a message will be taken for the recipient to respond to.

Courtesy calls can be made by phoning (07) 843 2465 between 8.30am to 9.00am and between 12.30pm to 1.30pm, or during their breaks.

Please feel free to contact the Kohanga Reo Office or come into the office and make an appointment to meet with the Kaiwhakahaere if you have any queries about the enrolment Procedures.

If your mokopuna/tamariki is 3 years old/4 years old they qualify for 20hrs free ECE and the 10hrs owing is at $5,00 per week.
If your mokopuna/tamariki is 2 years old they will be paying $10.00 per week, for the 30hrs per week.

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